Upside-down Egyptian

Upside-down Egyptian

Okay, it didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped, but it was kind of fun creating, and I really like Illamasqua’s Apocalips as a colour – it’s not as garish as I thought it might be, so it’s probably going to make it into my “Nights Out” make up kit.

The red eyeshadow, again is something I wouldn’t generally have tried (yes, yes, I own it, so I bought it at some point with trying in it mind, and I *have* used it for accenting) but it looks really nice just as a base colour! Definitely would use again.

Not too sure about Precision Ink in Scribe on its own – it tends to grab hold of the eyeshadow quite easily, so a coat of white shadow just to set it and give the line some guts might be in order. And I definitely need steadier hands. My one gripe is that I have no white mascara, so I couldn’t really complete the look.

I might give it another go at some point, but for now, curiosity satisfied, I don’t have the tools to take it further. Or the stick-on shinies that would hide a multitude of “Oops!” moments!


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