My day out with Selfridges Oxford Street Illamasqua counter

My day out with Selfridges Oxford Street Illamasqua counter

In case you’re curious, this is me. The fabulous 1960’s-esque look was created for me by a lovely chap called Adam Sidwell of Illamasqua’s creative team using matt primer, Skinbase foundation in 3.5, loose powder in 010, translucent, powder blusher duo in Katie and Ambition, Precision Ink in Abyss and Scribe, mascara in Raven, matt lipstick in Liv (a white based pink) and gloss in Electrify. I love the Illamasqua range – great packaging, huge amounts of pigment (depending on the shade, the lipstick can last all night with one careful application) and it all smells great!

Adam is excellent at what he does, and I feel confident for the first time in using blusher as he gave me some precise directions in how to apply it rather than just “like this” as I’ve been told in the past. He’s also inspired me to give Scribe a go for an Egyptian look in white and red with green lips (Apocalips). I know, I know, this is the internet, pics or it didn’t happen. And so there shall be when I’ve had time to give it a try!

Thanks again to Adam and Illamasqua for a great time playing with my favourite makeup!


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